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The Transportare

The TRANSPORTARE is a company that is located in the center of Belford-Roxo and reaches the market by innovating in the transport of employees, manufacturing, off-shore, executive, events and small loads. We are the first in our region to act with 24-hour service, seeking always present solutions more economic and practices in accordance with the necessity stated. Stand out in its segment from the outset by count with the logistic and administrative ability of its directors, have been absorbing the demands of the market is transforming and accompanying the commercial and industrial growth. 

The healthy growth was always the goal of this company and today the TRANSPORTARE meets major clients such as the MAUSER IND. PACKAGING, GRAHAM PACKAGING OF BRAZIL ( Installed on Industrial Complex of Bayer Brazil ), HYDRAULIC OIL IND. AND WITH., OH NAVAL STORES, among others.

We have as our differentials experienced professionals with direction evasive and defensive, bilingual support ( English and Spanish ) through monitoring by nextel 24 hours ago, Socio-Environmental commitment ( Certificate issued by P. M. B. R ) and Certificate of Technical Capacity issued by all the our clients, which ratifies our concern with sustainable growth as well as the guarantee of services provided by our company.

  • Commitment: Ensure the satisfaction of our customers with the achievement of better results through an administration focused on training and technology providing quality services and outlining efficient solutions. 
  • Principles: Interpret the needs and requirements of each customer. Establish, implement and achieve the strategic goals of quality by promoting continuous improvement in our processes of work and services, investing in human factors, technical and administrative staff and maintaining the the work means always updated. 
  • Mission: to Provide a differentiated service to our customers with specialized professionals and vehicles with comfort and safety. 
  • Vision: to Be recognized as the best company in our segment, always investing in quality, tranquility, well being and satisfaction of employees and customers.

If you or your company seeks the best there is in transport and with appropriate values, contact us.

                                 Take Care of your travel is our business!